Basic Write Up

Merry Weathers is a Folk Americana Wisconsin band led by Stacy Hanson. They are supported by the core members Jym & Laura Farley who play electric guitar and upright bass. You’ll hear a nice blend of acoustic guitar, male and female vocals, upright bass and bluesy electric guitar solos with a touch of bluegrass.

Full Write Up

A group of Midwest musicians, and best of friends, got together to play some live music in their hometown of Sparta, Wisconsin, on the Eve of Thanksgiving, 2012. That was a magical night of music and merry-making, and it was also the birth of Merry Weathers. With two singer/songwriters, Stacy Hanson and Brian Bethke, both on deck as front-men, there was not a shortage of fun original tunes to be played, and the band blossomed with a combination of both of their songs, and some well-loved covers. Husband and wife duo, Jym and Laura Farley, brought in a solid rhythm section with both of them rotating on the bass. Jym also brings along solid guitar playing and Laura adds with upright bass, percussion, harmonica, and vocals. Rick Kreuziger brings it with Pedal Steel Guitar, and killer harmonies. And Rick’s lovely wife Jess Kreuziger is the band’s trusty sound gal that ties it all together. Over the year the band has collaborated and wrote even more original music, together as a group. They continue to play a variety of Folk, Bluegrass, Blues and Rock music, and are sure to please your ears with the raw original sound they produce.

Playing for the love of music is and always has been what Merry Weathers is about. They can be found most often as a Trio touring throughout Wisconsin, consisting of Stacy Hanson, Jym Farley and Laura Farley. Stacy Hanson leads the Trio with his songs, vocals and guitar. Jym Farley carries the rhythm on bass and lead guitar. Laura also plays upright bass, percussion and vocals. They’re looking forward to a busy 2020 full of love and music.